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General Dentistry

As a multispecialty practice with a team of specialists and general dentists on staff, we’re prepared to provide a lifetime of reliable dental care to your entire family. That’s everyone from young children to senior citizens. More than a broad range of patients, we cover a range of services that prevent and treat all dental conditions. Our aim is always to protect your dental health through ongoing visits and early detection of potential problems. If you need routine care or develop a complex dental issue, remember West 10th Dental Group, your home for general dentistry in Indianapolis, IN.

Tooth Extractions

When you have a broken tooth or rotten tooth, our first priority is to attempt to save it through root canal treatment or restorative dentistry. In some instances, your tooth may be untreatable and your dentist may recommend a tooth extraction to protect your oral health. However, you shouldn’t consider extraction the final step in your treatment. Your jawbone stays healthy in part from the stimulation that regular chewing provides. Without tooth roots, the bone can begin to recede. We offer a solution that restores the health and beauty of your smile—and can even boost your confidence. Dental implants look, feel, and function just like natural teeth. A dental implant can fill that post-extraction gap in your smile for good. With a team extensively trained in dental implants, we can place and restore your new tooth or teeth the same day as your extraction!

Wisdom Tooth Extraction (3rd Molar Removal)

Wisdom teeth usually begin to emerge during our late teens. They can be valuable assets when they are healthy and properly positioned. For many patients, though, they don’t break fully through the gums. Still, others see them push healthy adjacent teeth out of alignment. Once in, wisdom teeth can continue to create problems. They’re notoriously difficult to maintain, making them prone to decay. Led by a renowned surgeon, our team has helped many patients overcome the complications of wisdom teeth. This type of oral surgery is more complex than a standard extraction, so we generally provide IV sedation or another anesthetic. After they’re removed, wisdom teeth do not need to be replaced.

Root Canal

Root canals are the narrow channels inside your tooth roots where the nerves and blood vessels (pulp) are located. When decay stays within the crown of your tooth, we can typically repair it with a filling. However, if the decay reaches the roots and infects the living tissue, you have a very painful condition that requires a deeper level of treatment that’s also called a root canal. While more complex, this type of treatment can be very effective in ending your pain without pulling the tooth. With our advantages, West 10th Dental Group is the place to come for root canals in Indianapolis, IN.

Symptoms of tooth infection:

  • Severe tooth pain
  • Increased temperature sensitivity in the teeth
  • Red or inflamed gum tissue
  • Abscesses or pimples on your gums

The Root Canal Experts

Our multispecialty team includes an endodontist with over three decades of experience. Focusing on identifying and treating diseases of the pulp, endodontists complete up to three years of advanced specialty training after graduating from dental school. They’re literally the root canal experts. On top of that, we have an in-house oral surgeon who’s licensed to administer IV sedation. Although not required, this sedation solution will keep you in a sleeplike state throughout your procedure. In addition to expertise, we’re equipped with advanced dental technology to help us deliver the best results.

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